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What Is HGE?

HGE (Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis) is a syndrome in dogs where large amounts of fluid seep into their GI tract. It usually comes on suddenly and often results in bloody vomit and stool. It's serious and considered a medical emergency that needs to be treated immediately.

This is really a mystery disease, as vets are not 100% sure what causes it. It occurs more frequently in high-strung dogs (but not always), so stress, anxiety, and hyperactivity may make your buddy more prone to getting HGE. But the jury is still out on its exact cause. It is slightly more common in toy and other small breeds but generally seems to affect all breeds and dogs of any age. It seems to appear more in the spring and fall than at other times, yet it's not considered a seasonal disorder. Luckily, it does not appear to be contagious.

Look for these signs:

  • vomiting (may contain blood)
  • diarrhea
  • no appetite
  • lethargy
  • belly pain
  • grass-eating
  • dehydration
  • collapse

Get your dog to your vet or an animal ER quickly if he exhibits some of the above symptoms. They will confirm it with blood work and other tests. HGE often results in severe dehydration, so aggressive rehydration is important and often done by IV. Anti-nausea and anti-diarrhea medication may be given as well. Most vets withhold meals for a day or two to give your dog's GI tract a chance to heal. Your buddy will most likely be at the vet's office for at least 24 hours, depending on how he is doing.

The good news? If caught early, the prognosis for recovery is excellent. The bad news? Once he gets HGE, he is more prone to getting it again. Since this condition is somewhat of a mystery, so is prevention. Research has found that dogs that eat a high-quality, balanced diet, have a low-stress environment, and take parasite prevention medications are less inclined to getting HGE.

Although this is not a "common" condition, it's serious. Anytime your pet has blood in their stool or vomit, get them to the vet quickly. If you do, the chances are good that your best friend will recover!

Are You An Over The Top Pet Person?

We don't think there is anything wrong with being an ardent pet parent - it comes with so many perks! You and your buddy can hang out and snuggle all the time. We know we're occasionally guilty of treating our pets (and yours) better than some of the humans in our lives! They are just so precious.

If you do any of the following, you may be a slightly nutty pet parent:

  • You share almost everything with your pet.
  • You cancel plans with humans to spend time with your pet.
  • Your phone is filled with oodles of pictures of your buddy, and you like to show those pictures off (don't worry, the Queen does this too).
  • Your social media has more pictures of your pet than it has of humans.
  • Your buddy has his own social media account (and has more friends than you do).
  • You're not bothered at all by pet hair and shedding.
  • You talk in baby talk to your pet or have long conversations with him.
  • You have a bike carrier so you can take your buddy on bike rides.
  • You get your furry friend's photos put on mugs and t-shirts.
  • You take your pet to meet Santa or the Easter Bunny.
  • You spend at least as much money on your pet as you do yourself.
  • When your pet is sleeping on your lap you won't get up because you don't want to bother him.
  • You bake special treats for your pet.
  • You celebrate his birthday with gifts and special food.
  • Your pet gets most of the bed, and you sleep on the edge.
  • People tell you that you are starting to look like your pet.
  • You're sure your pet is smarter than other dogs or cats.

Own up to it... you're nutty about your pet. It's special and gratifying to love a pet. What over-the-top things do you do for your best friend?

Cat Personality Types

Any cat owner will tell you that their cat (and all cats) are special and unique. But studies done on thousands of felines over the past 5+ years have identified 5 dominant personality traits that cats have. Those researchers feel that it will help you make Fluffy even happier if you understand your kitty's personality.

The dominant personality traits that the researchers found are:

Human Cat - this is the social butterfly of cats. Felines with this dominant trait love being around their people. They enjoy sharing their lives with you and often your personal space too. This type of kitty will love playing with you, so try a kitty wand or any other type of toy that allows you to play with Fluffy!

Hunter Cat - All cats are hunters in some regard; it's in their DNA. Hunter cats live for the hunt or chase. If this type of kitty has access to the outdoors, they will often bring you birds or mice as gifts. They are skilled and efficient predators. If this describes your cat, buy realistic toys they can chase and roll around with so they can practice hunting and pouncing. A Hunter Cat will also love having a Catio or window perch so they can bird watch!

Inquisitive Cat - This type of kitty is curious, intelligent, and eager to explore. It's also the feline that knocks things off the countertops to see what will happen! Keep an eye on your purse, since this type of cat is sure to rummage through it. Because they are curious, they are often social too. Inquisitive cats love cardboard boxes, bags, and puzzle-type toys.

Cat's Cat - These cats are often very sweet. They like hanging out, grooming their friends, and touching noses with feline (and human) housemates. They find great comfort cuddling with their cat buddies and usually their people too. This type of cat will enjoy a kitty condo to hang out with her feline friends or motorized toys that will attract all the cats in the household to play.

Cantankerous Cat - These cats aren't really grumpy; they are just more sensitive and can be easily frustrated or annoyed when their habits and schedules are disrupted. They may hide when company comes over and often enjoy a cat tunnel. However, once they find a human they like, they tend to be very loyal kitties. They are often a bit more independent than some of the other cat types. They usually love various balls they can bat around and a variety of scratching posts.

No matter which type of cat you have, we are sure they are purrfect! But, understanding your cat's personality type will help you bond more with your cat.

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