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Don't Ignore Your Good Pet

If you have multiple pets and one is good at causing mischief, consider how your attention is divided in your home. Most often, the "good" pet is ignored because the high-maintenance pet takes up so much of your focus. The same can be true if you have a new puppy, kitten, or even a new baby. The well-behaved pet is just so darn easy that they often get overlooked.

If this sounds familiar, don't feel guilty, it happens all the time! But now that it's brought to your attention make sure you reward your easy pet too. Otherwise, you may end up with a bit of sibling rivalry going on. This "rivalry" could manifest itself in different ways, depending on your pet. Your cat may start "missing" the litter box, your dog may start chewing your shoe, or the "good" pet could get listless and depressed. Again, if this happens in your household, don't fret; it's an easy fix. You're more than halfway there just by recognizing the problem.

Maybe you are in the habit of giving the new puppy a stuffed Kong to occupy some of his energy. This is a great idea, but that sweet soul lying by your feet may like one too! Or the active pet gets more playtime or walks to wear her out, and your laid-back dog doesn't need to be worn out daily. That doesn't mean he wouldn't enjoy a nice quiet walk! Or perhaps you're busy training the new puppy to potty outside or to sit - training takes a lot of time. Your calm dog would probably love learning a new trick, especially if it includes training treats. If one cat is always in your lap and tapping you for attention (some pets are more needy), your quiet cat snoozing under the bed would like a snuggle too!

Take this article as a little nudge to reach out to your quiet pet. Life is short, and you need to celebrate all your pets every day, even when life is busy, the household is active, the baby is crying, or work deadlines loom. We don't always have time for a long walk in the woods, but a quick potty stroll, a hug, or a treat will let your buddy know you treasure them just as much as the active, more demanding pet.

So spend a bit of special time with that dog at your feet or the cat that gazes into your eyes; you'll be glad you did, and the attention break is good for both of you.

Spring Pet Tips

Spring is right around the corner; open the windows, get outside, and enjoy the breeze! As you fill your calendar with more activities, you should to be aware of a few outdoor pet hazards. Here is a rundown:

Bugs: Warmer weather means more bugs, including fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes, which can cause heartworm. Be sure to keep your pet's medications for these buggers up to date.

Spring Cleaning: This is a great time to clean your pet's bedding, condos, coats, Thundershirts, blankets, and toys. In addition to washing their items, give your pet a spa day - a bath, a haircut, a nail trim, or even a teeth cleaning!

Security: If you love fresh air in your home, ensure your window screens are secure. Many a pet has gotten lost by pushing out a screen. This is a perfect time to walk the perimeter of your fence if you have one to be sure there are no escape routes.

Yard Check: Be sure your shed and garage are locked and don't have chemicals that can be reached by your animals or children. Check a list of poisonous plants - if they are in your pet area take them out! If you have a pool, make sure your pup can get out of it on their own - both Chewy and Amazon sell many styles of pool ramps. Then, practice it with your buddy, so they know how to use it. Don't use human sunscreen on your pet; it can be toxic.

Car Safety: Things are heating up; please don't leave your pet in the car. It only takes minutes to become deadly. In hot weather, leave your pet at home or take them with you when you leave your vehicle. Check your pet's seatbelt, harness, and carrier to be sure they are not frayed or broken.

Fitness: If your buddy has put on a little winter weight, it's time to slowly cut back on calories. See that your pet gets more playtime, walks, and outdoor time. However, if they have spent more time on the sofa this winter, add exercise gradually.

Lawn Chemicals: Don't use chemicals on your lawn, and keep in mind when walking your dog that your neighbors may use them, so keep your best friend off their lawns. Keep the pet area of your yard pesticide free. Things like slug bait are attractive to animals and potentially toxic.

Miscellaneous: With your cat and dog outside more, be sure they are micro-chipped and have an ID tag. Vaccinations should be up-to-date. As the weather warms up, allergy season begins; watch your pet for allergy symptoms and skin rashes.

Spring will be in full swing soon; get a head start on protecting your best friend!

Cats and Laptops

Many cat parents are well aware that their feline is obsessed with technology, well, more specifically with keyboards. If you're working from home or just surfing the net in the evening, you may have noticed that your cat spends a lot of time in front of you, like directly on your keyboard. We've heard many stories from clients about emails being "typed" by Fluffy or even entire Power Point presentation being deleted! We recently heard about a cat that ordered things from Amazon while napping on a laptop. You may be struggling to read this newsletter because Fluff is standing in your way right now!

Cat people are well aware of this phenomenon but the real question is why? What is it about our keyboards or iPad that they love? We aren't aware of any scientific study about cats and keyboards but a number of animal experts have weighed in on the subject.

Although cats are often referred to as aloof, cat people know this isn't true; most felines love the attention of their person. When they see your attention so focused on the screen, they may be curious to find out what is so interesting. So, they come over and take a look - which of course involves standing on the keyboard. Or perhaps they don't relish the fact that Facebook takes up so much of your time and they have figured out that if they stand on the keyboard your attention will be focused on them. Smart kitty!

Some laptop keyboards are warm, and a toasty spot is always attractive to a cat. Many laptop keyboards have keys that actually depress (unlike most tablet keyboards); those keys act like a memory foam mattress! They give (or settle) in all the right places and apparently are quite comfortable.

Lastly, cats are highly driven by scent. They love how we smell and our scent is all over our keyboards. And furthermore, they love leaving their scent on things that are theirs (so don't think for a moment that your keyboard belongs to you).

In reality, our keyboards have all the right ingredients for Fluffy - you're there, they smell like you, they are warm, comfy, and a great place to leave their scent so you'll know that keyboard belongs to them.

The solution to keyboard napping? Supply your cat with a heated bed of their own near where you're computing, distract your cat with a treat or toy, and you may want to keep your laptop closed when you're not working!

Here is a Pinterest board dedicated to keyboard nappers.

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