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March 2023 Newsletter

Ginger and Lovey wish you a Happy St. Pat's Day!

Rainy Day Play

If you have an active pet, rainy days can be plenty dull for them; not many of us want to walk in the pouring rain, nor do our pets. Here are some tips for keeping Rover and Fluffy occupied during a stretch of bad weather.

Some dogs love chewing, and it uses a lot of energy. It's a personal choice if you let your dog have bones to chew. Some people go to a butcher and get long marrow bones, while others use yak cheese bones, bully sticks, or antlers. Should your dog be allowed to chew bones? That depends on the dog and how aggressive of a chewer he is. We are not recommending them - you know your dog and what is safe.

Both cats and dogs love a cardboard box; cats will hide in them, and dogs may destroy them. As long as they are not eating the box, let them have it. Yes, a torn-up box can make a mess, but so what? If it keeps our best friends occupied in inclement weather, it's worth a little cleanup!

Play some indoor games. Fetch is fun for dogs and some cats. Most dogs love tug-of-war. Your cat will probably enjoy a ping pong ball (a ping pong ball is not safe for dogs). Just take a few minutes out and play a game with your pet every couple of hours.

Order some puzzle-type toys for your cat and dog and save them for a rainy day. Many people don't realize that when our fuzzy friends use their brains, it really wears them out. These toys are fun, mentally stimulating, and they keep them out of trouble. Most pet stores, Amazon, and Chewy sell puzzle games to keep pets busy. You can easily make a "snuffle-mat" toy by hiding treats in old towels, so Rover has to hunt to find them. Cats may enjoy an activity board from Amazon, a treat maze, or a track toy. The Kong company even makes a pocket toy for felines.

Old standbys include hide and seek, a frozen stuffed Kong, catnip toys, laser pointers, and training new tricks. These ideas will keep your pet occupied on the next rainy day. Both dogs and cats can play "find it." Start easy; hide a treat close by while they are watching, and each time make it a little farther away. Then start hiding the treat under things!

Our pets must be monitored when they have a new bone or toy to be sure they are not getting into mischief with them. Working out ideas for indoor games ahead of time is a great idea, and you'll never dread the weather report again.

Fight The Infections!

Urinary Tract Infections can be a pain for both your dog and cat - they can make our pets miserable. It's essential to treat a UTI quickly because not only are they painful but can cause serious complications.

Your pet's urinary tract system removes waste from their body through the kidneys. If they have a UTI, they can't effectively remove that waste, and it can lead to kidney infections, kidney stones, or worse.

The signs of an infection in both dogs and cats are:

  • Frequent attempts at urination
  • Having potty accidents
  • Excessive thirst
  • Loss of bladder control
  • Crying when urinating
  • Licking
  • Blood in the urine

If your best friend has any of these symptoms, it's time for a vet visit. Your vet will collect a urine sample which will help decide what treatment to prescribe. They may do an ultrasound to see if there are stones. Most often, a course of antibiotics will clear this infection right up.

There are some steps you can take to prevent UTIs in our pets. Be sure to have plenty of fresh water available in a bowl that is cleaned daily, clean your cat's litter box every day, take your dog out to potty frequently, decrease stress in their lives, and feed them a wet food diet.

Keep an eye on those symptoms! A UTI is a common problem; however, it must be treated promptly to avoid becoming more serious.

Cat Security

Home is where most of us feel safe and secure, and it's important that our pets feel the same way. So if you have a shy or new cat, how can you gain Fluffy's trust and make her home a peaceful, safe place?

Believe it or not, have a schedule. Most of our pets thrive on routine, especially cats. And often, if their daily schedule is upside down, your cat will begin feeling insecure. They feel better when they know what's next. So try to keep a regular agenda for your cat and you too.

Introduce new things slowly because, as we said, cats don't love change. Of course, our homes can be a hive of activity with holidays, family, and friends. That's okay, but when big things happen, try introducing them slowly and only one at a time. For example, if you're getting new furniture, that isn't the time to adopt a new pet.

Give Fluffy her own safe and private space. Maybe a spare room, a bed behind a piece of furniture, a blanket on top of the fridge, or a cat climbing condo in a quiet room. If your cat hides under the bed, put a nice soft blanket there for her to snuggle in. That way, when your home is a beehive of activity, your cat will have her own spot to escape it all.

Your feline will be calmer if you speak to her in a soft, reassuring tone. If Fluffy is anxious, sit down with her, talk softly, and pet her gently. She will also be happier if you minimize loud noises like the vacuum cleaner, booming music, sirens, and rowdy children. Try to curtail household chaos for both of your sakes!

Play sessions, including both physical and mental activity, go a long way toward reducing stress levels. It not only helps you and Fluffy form a stronger bond but the activity will wear your cat out and help her stay in good physical shape.

If you have a sensitive cat, that's okay; it's just who she is. You can set up your household so Fluffy has what she needs to feel secure.

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